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With the popularization of environmental awareness technological progress, many industries are gradually transforming to "green", the home furnishing industry is no exception. When purchasing household products, consumers first consider materials environmental protection. With the significant increase in the cost of wood stone in the past two years people’s increasing attention to environmental issues, more environmentally friendly aluminum household products will be The development direction of the future green home. Aluminum alloy materials are easy to process, easy to recycle, have the characteristics of no pollution no waste, making them more more popular. Compared with other materials, aluminum home furnishing has high technology content, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, which truly realizes the "green" transformation of the home furnishing industry.


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    Advantages of product development design

    The R & D of each set of Chinalco home furnishing products comes the designer's unique inspiration innovative design concept, with the design trend synchronized with the international, including rich product concept culture.
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    Product quality advantage

    "9s" inspection management mode: design inspection, base material inspection, quality inspection, process inspection, random inspection, full inspection, dust-free inspection, packaging inspection delivery inspection. The pursuit of zero error, for franchisees to remove concerns, easy operation.
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    Product material advantages

    Aluminum alloy is supplied Shandong Huajian aluminum industry group. The surface is sprayed with powder printed with high definition wood grain. It is free of formaldehyde more environmentally friendly.
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    Advantages of enterprise management

    Chinalco will start the office automation system, so as to realize the intellectualization of the company's internal office system the remote monitoring of the franchise distribution network.
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    Supply advantages

    The company has a 14000 square meter international new factory, a full set of imported German equipment, with standard unit product design to form large-scale production, so as to maintain adequate inventory,
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    Profit advantage

    Scale standardization bring low-cost advantages, accurate market positioning, high cost-effective products, systematic reasonable pricing system to ensure the profit guarantee of franchisees.
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  • Design Material

    Design Material

    Chinalco home provides nanny service for franchisees nationwide, constantly improves the management market operation ability of franchise stores, so that each franchisee can continue to operate healthily develop progress together with the company.
  • Designer communication

    Designer communication

    Chinalco home provides all-round advertising support for franchisees nationwide, enhances brand exposure through various channels such as mainstream media, search engine, short video offline advertising, so as to provide solid backing for franchisees' market development.
  • Font business

    Font business

    Chinalco home provides professional technical personnel guidance services for franchisees nationwide. According to the specific needs of franchisees, professional personnel provide on-site guidance assistance, improve the ability of store management market operation, solve the worries of every franchisee.
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    1. For the dealers who join in "Chinalco home", they can consult  communicate with the manager of "Chinalco home" business department through franchise telephone  email

    2. Process of filling in the franchise application form: after the early telephone communication, the relevant personnel of the marketing department of the company will carry the franchise application form  relevant information to visit the door.

    3. Market Research: according to the franchise application materials filled in by the franchisee, the company will audit the local market according to the maturity, competition, consumption, location  other actual conditions of the local market, as well as the operation mode  funds of the franchised dealers.

    4. Signing the franchise contract: the company will review according to the Market Research Report. After the review is passed, both parties will agree on the time to invite the franchisee to bring relevant information to the company to formally sign the franchise distribution contract.

    5. Franchise deposit: according to the level of the franchisee  the contract agreement, the franchise deposit shall be paid to the company  returned in full within six months after the expiration of the business contract.

    6. Issue franchise power of attorney: after signing the contract with the franchisee, issue the operation ization letter  ization card to the franchisee to prove that the franchisee has the distribution right of "Hualv home" products in the specified area.

    7. Make plans for the establishment of franchisees: handle business license, personnel recruitment  training, design store decoration scheme, plan image publicity of opening matters,  product sample distribution yard.

    8. The above preparations are completed,  the franchisee is officially open for business.







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