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Unique structural style application of aluminum honeycomb panel


1、 Aluminum honeycomb panel is made of two thin panels firmly bonded to two sides of a thick honeycomb core material, also known as honeycomb sandwich structure. In addition, the honeycomb plate also refers to the panel with a large number of cut-off waveguides welded together to form a cut-off waveguide array, forming a large opening area preventing electromagnetic wave leakage.

2、 Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel with honeycomb structure as core layer is inspired by natural hexagonal honeycomb. Due to its unique structure, aluminum honeycomb panel only has the lightest weight among other materials of the same volume, but also has good stiffness overall stability, also has sound insulation performance. Aluminum alloy is neither radioactive nor volatilized any harmful gas which is harmful to human health. It can also be completely recycled reused, saving resources energy, reducing environmental pollution to a low level. This makes aluminum honeycomb panel a new material of energy saving, environmental protection health.

The aluminum alloy panel of aluminum honeycomb panel can be directly used, it can be coated with different covering layers to various colors patterns.

3、 Application of honeycomb panel

(1) Building curtain wall external wall hanging board;

(2) Interior decoration engineering;

(3) Billboards;

(4) Ship building;

(5) Aviation manufacturing industry;

(6) Indoor partition commodity display platform;

(7) Commercial transport vehicle container car body;

(8) Buses, trains, subways rail transit vehicles;

(9) For the modern furniture industry with strict environmental protection requirements, aluminum honeycomb panel is a good material choice in the new century. Its completely non-toxic green quality makes furniture manufacturers less unnecessary environmental protection procedures when processing furniture. In addition, aluminum honeycomb panel can be diversified, such as solid wood, aluminum board, gypsum board, natural marble, etc Honeycomb plate, material selection is convenient;

(10) Aluminum honeycomb panel partition: the appearance of aluminum honeycomb panel partition breaks the traditional partition mode wins the market share of medium high-grade office space with its noble, fresh elegant style.


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