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Application of aluminum honeycomb panel in ship interior decoration


Green design its application has become a research hotspot. The application of new composite materials only changes the interior design style, but also reduces the carbon emission, improves the ship safety performance increases the living comfort.

The application research of ship interior materials in cabin space should consider the four characteristics of decoration materials: energy saving environmental protection, fire heat insulation, noise reduction sound insulation, light materials. It is required to have certain anti vibration, heat insulation sound insulation performance; decoration materials should be as light as possible; attention should be paid to the balance symmetry of material weight distribution.

In ship materials, due to the poor fireproof moisture-proof ability of wood, wood-based panels can meet the requirements of fire resistance coefficient, so composite materials become the main force in advanced ship design, which only has excellent performance, but also has lightweight characteristics.

Aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure composite materials are light in weight, high in strength high in stiffness, are mostly used as structural parts with large structure size high strength requirements. Advanced ships often use aluminum honeycomb panel as the processing material of the panel, which is completely non-toxic green, without unnecessary environmental protection procedures. It has the characteristics of fire prevention, corrosion resistance, environmental protection easy disassembly assembly, which has become an excellent design material in the interior design of luxury ships.


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