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Advantages of aluminum for crystal steel door


Crystal steel door aluminum material is a kind of crystal steel plate produced by aluminum alloy profile inner inlay technology, which solves the problems of other door panel such as water fear, non wear resistance, degumming, etc., has the characteristics of stable structure, beautiful appearance, etc. It has the advantages of waterproof, fireproof, anti impact, wear resistance, no deformation, easy cleaning environmental protection. It is a new generation of good products in the kitchen cabinet industry. Now more more people need aluminum cabinet.

1、 Waterproof:

The crystal steel door panel is made of aluminum alloy frame inlaid with crystal steel plate. The aluminum alloy profile, ABS matching crystal steel plate are non rotten materials, so the crystal steel door panel can be directly washed soaked with water.

2、 Fire protection:

The crystal steel door panel has strong heat resistance, its surface can withstand the high temperature of 200 ℃. If the cigarette is burned for a long time, its surface will be damaged, which overcomes the disadvantage that other door panels can withstand high temperature burning.

3、 Moth proof:

Crystal steel door panel is very hard, so you don't have to worry about cockroaches, termites, mice so on.

4、 Impact resistance, wear resistance:

Crystal steel door panel has a strong impact strength. The knife is damaged.

5、 Easy to clean, no odor:

The crystal door plate can be washed directly with detergent, which is very easy to clean. The product has no peculiar smell.

6、 No deformation:

The crystal steel door panel is made of high-strength aluminum alloy frame inlaid with crystal steel plate. It does absorb moisture, its temperature expansion coefficient is very small, so it will deform at all.

7、 Colorful:

Crystal steel door, with hundreds of colors for customers to choose, can meet the needs of customers, with crystal clear glass like effect.

8、 High durability:

Crystal steel door panel to ensure that the product durable up to decades unchanged.

9、 Environmental protection:

Crystal steel plate, without radiation, formaldehyde other harmful substances, non-toxic pollution-free.


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