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Company tenet:

"People oriented, honest management, scientific  technological innovation".

Business mission

Create perfect, enjoy high quality home life.

Company objectives

Strive to be a famous brand of "China Aluminum home furnishing".

service idea

Let reality outweigh commitment.

Advertising appeal

Set up VI unified image, improve brand exposure.

Design concept

Thought comes  inspiration, inspiration comes  life.

Cultural concept

The craftsman's mind makes Chinalco home.

Subject words

Craftsman's mind makes Chinalco home

Advertising words: 

Enjoy healthy life  choose Hualu home

Company slogan

"Chinalco is my family, development depends on everyone"

Company vision

Guide consumers to enjoy environmental protection, health, fashion, personalized home life. It is committed to creating a well-known brand of "China's aluminum home furnishing" industry.

Enterprise mission

Rigorous, unified, positive, progressive is our eternal pursuit of "Chinalco home", we are committed to building the "China Aluminum home" industry standardization.