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1. Advantages of product development  design

The R & D of each set of Chinalco home furnishing products comes  the designer's unique inspiration  innovative design concept, with the design trend synchronized with the international, including rich product concept  culture. We are  afraid to be imitated, because we are constantly innovating  insisting. We  only lead the new fashion of Chinese aluminum household product design, but also have never been surpassed.

2. Product management advantages

Hualv home furnishing company introduces DRP information management to realize the whole process tracking  monitoring of products. After nearly 100 processes, it ensures the efficient  seamless transfer of product information,  ensures the production  perfect delivery of each set of home products. The company adopts "9s" inspection management mode - design inspection, base material inspection, quality inspection, process inspection, random inspection, full inspection, dust-free inspection, packaging inspection  delivery inspection. The pursuit of zero error, for franchisees to remove concerns, easy operation.

3. Excellent material quality

We attach importance to the research  development of materials  the improvement of process technology. We pursue perfection  quality products in every detail. The supply of aluminum alloy, the raw material base material of Hualu household products, comes  Shandong Huajian aluminum industry group. The surface adopts powder spraying, high-definition wood grain transfer printing  three-dimensional film series, which truly does  contain formaldehyde  realizes environmental protection. Put an end to counterfeiting  safeguard the legitimate rights  interests of customers.

4. Advanced enterprise management

Chinalco will start the office automation system, so as to realize the intellectualization of the company's internal office system  the remote monitoring of the franchise distribution network.

5. Benchmarking services in the industry

Successful marketing is inseparable  the intimate service, the company will provide pre-sale, sale, after-sale one-stop professional full satisfaction service. Chinalco will set up a national service hotline: 0536-3151998 to solve the problems of franchisees  consumers. Improve the efficiency of information feedback, but also improve consumer satisfaction. Professional team to provide you with the process of supervision, perfect after-sales service.

6. Industry resource advantages

Hualu home furnishing Co., Ltd. cooperates with window Expo City  China Council for the promotion of international trade (CCPIT) to fully integrate industry resources, establish aluminum home furnishing alliance,  jointly build a management system of human resources, material procurement, product design, etc. that can support the development needs of aluminum home furnishing industry,  enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises  industries through integration.

7. Operational advantages

With years of successful operation, Chinalco has accumulated urban operation  management experience in the terminal sales market of home furnishing products. In the absence of industry experience, franchisees can quickly realize their operation through the mature  successful operation system provided by Chalco. Only by cooperating with experienced companies can they quickly obtain operation guarantee.

8. Supply advantages

The company is located in the central part of China, with superior location  convenient transportation. The company will take Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin  Hebei as the core, facing the development of national distribution network. In 2018, a 40000 M2 international leading new factory will be built,  a full set of German equipment will be introduced to form a large-scale production with standard unit product design, so as to maintain sufficient inventory  strictly supply cycle, so as to let the franchisee do well in sales  solve the worries in the future.

9. Profit advantage

Scale  standardization bring low-cost advantages, accurate market positioning, high cost-effective products, systematic  reasonable pricing system to ensure the profit guarantee of franchisees. China Aluminum home furnishing to large-scale, low-cost services in the national market.